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澎湖民宿 – 將澳貝殼館 (阿弘民宿)

Posted by on 2012 年 8 月 18 日

澎湖雖然去了很多趟, 將軍嶼倒是我第一次上去. 託綠野社的福, 這次經歷了很不一樣的澎湖之旅.

I have been to Penghu island several times, but this is my first to “Chiang-chun-ao yu”
Thinks to Acer green club, I had a very different Penghu trip.

將軍嶼 – 一個二級離島, 是望安旁邊一個不到10分鐘船程的小島.
Chiang-chun-ao yu is a Level 2 island about 10 mins away by boat from Wangan island


The major goal for this trip is visiting Level 3 island, and this is our base.
而我們住的地方也就是島上最大的民宿 – 將澳貝殼館 (阿弘民宿)
This hostel is the biggest hostel in this island.
首先, 來到這邊要知道的就是這裡物資相當的缺乏, 請先把自己的期待降到40年前的水準可能就差不多了.
Please be aware, you shouldn’t compare the live style here with Taiwan.
Please lower your expectation back to 40 years ago.
雖然不會到沒飯吃的狀況, 不過跟本島可是大大的不能比.
Though, you don’t have to worry about a food shortage, but it’s not like Taipei or any other city.

其次, 要到達這個島的交通方式就只有從望安搭計程船. (50元/趟/人)
Then , the only way to arrive this island is by a taxi boat from WanGan. (50TWD/person/ride)

不要懷疑, 這個小魚船就是計程船啦, 一下望安碼頭就會有人在喊去將軍. 跳上船就對了.
And yes, This small fishing boat is one of the taxi boat.
You will see it when you arrive WanGan wharf.
Once you find it or hear someone is yelling the word “Chiang-chun-ao yu”, then, that’s your TAXI boat.
如果沒看到船, 打圖中這個電話也是可以叫船..
If you didn’t see any TAXI boat, please call this number in picture..
我聽說島上共有三家人在經營這個渡船事業呢, 搞不好還有24小時on call唷!
I heard that there are 3 families share this business, maybe they also provide a 24×7 service..

終於抵達將軍嶼, 老闆有派車子來幫我們搬行里. 這臺車也是在島上活動時的主要交通工具之一.
Finally, we arrived “Chiang-chun-ao yu”, this is the shuttle bus from hostel.

島上真的不大, 一上碼頭旁邊就是主要的聚落, 民宿就在碼頭右邊, 一眼就可以看到.
This island is very small, and this wharf is also the main village.
Our hostel located at right side of the village. You can see it right away.

阿弘民宿共有A,B兩館, 總共11間房, 不過都是雅房.
This hostel own 3 buildings(Main house, Building A and B), total 11 rooms without restroom.
我們住的是A館, 離店面大約走路2分鐘. 門口有一個很大的”HOLA”標誌.
We stayed at building A, it’s about 2 mins away from Main house, you can see a big “HOLA” sign in the front.

A館有兩間公共衛浴, 我們去了快20人, 感覺上還算是夠用的.
Building A have 2 public restrooms. this should be enough for a mid-size group.
大廳內可以看到很多人的留言, 這可以打工渡假, 很多人在這邊都有很快樂的時光.
Also, you can see a board with many letter from travelers or who has their working holiday here.

房間基本上都是小小的, 大概就是一張床然後一張桌子. 乾淨的程度算中等, (不要罵我, 我沒有拿五星飯店來比.)
Room is pretty small, including one bed, one table, and one TV.
The room is ok, I’d say it’s clean. (of course, I didn’t compare it with 5 star hotel).
I think you come here for relaxing, not watching TV.

盥洗用具我強烈呼籲大家為了環保應該都要自己帶. 洗髮精,沐浴乳這些這邊有有不用擔心.
Hostel will provide shower gears, but I’ll call on everyone bring your own toothbrush & towel etc.
來這邊因為也只有兩間雜貨店, 想買東西吃更是難. 所以自然是由民宿供餐啦~
This village only have 2 stores, also it’s difficult to buy food here.
So, the hostel will provide the dining service.
所以就講到重點啦? 重點是啥? 當然就是海鮮啦!
Now, we can talk about something nice.
What’s that? Of course, seafood!

這天中午比較簡單是咖哩燴飯 – 不過裡面可是充滿了海鮮與疏菜呀!
This was our lunch – seafood and vege curry rice.

到了下午, 我們去浮淺後, 老闆就跟了一個朋友去打漁. “順便” 抓了一些馬糞海膽就是我們的晚餐啦!
In the afternoon, after we went snorkelling. the owner went to fishing for the dinner!
This picture is showing the owner was cleaning the sea urchin for us.

我們的晚餐是有加費用的, 所以特別豐盛.當然也都是本地海產嚕!
We paid extra for the dinner, so it’s really good. all seafood is from local!
1. 海膽蓋飯 (sea urchin rice)

2. 下午老闆去補的魚 (Fish from the afternoon)

3. 另一種螺肉(Conch)

4. 海螺 (Conch)

5. 章魚 (Octopus)

6. 味噌龍蝦湯 (Miso soup with lobster)

民宿這邊還提供了各式各樣的海上活動. (基本上只要問老闆他都會盡力辦到啦.)
包括 : 潮間帶生態導覽, 浮潛, 無人島露營, 潛水, 夜間導覽撈丁香魚跟捉螃蟹,與包船去其他離島玩 等
This hostel will provide all kind of activities,
Such as : scuba-diving, snorkelling, camping, and intertidal zones trip etc.

我的建議是, 來到這邊就是要忘掉時間, 住個兩三天. 也不用刻意安排很滿的行程.
天氣適合時就看有沒有團可以跟去活動, 沒有的話躺在那邊也很舒服. 偶爾還會有好料可以打打牙祭.
雖然阿弘有提供網路, 不過不快就是, 島上常常停電. 想體驗一下離島生活或是想放逐一下的, 這真是個好地方..
My suggestion is coming here without a tight schedule or plan.
Stay 2 or 3 days, you can join some activities with other groups if the weather is good.
Or just lie on the beach chair and do nothing.
Hostel provide internet, but it’s not very stable. Power outage is pretty common as well.
People are nice here, no pollution, and lot of water activities.
If you wanna experience “banishment” or you love water activities a lot, this is a good place to go..
阿弘的Blog [link]

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