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佛羅倫斯住宿 – Hotel Azzi

Posted by on 2012 年 8 月 25 日

離火車站很近, 離百花聖母教堂差不多5~10分鐘路程.
This is our hotel in Florence.
About 5~10 mins away from train station or 『Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore』.

它說它自己是一間三星的飯店, 不過實際上似乎是只有二星(大家應該可以看到自己貼起來來的星吧).
這間感覺起來很像是家族經營的飯店, 飯店很大而且很深. 很像以前某個大戶人家的豪宅.
我們住的這幾天, 總是可以看到兩個阿姨坐在大廳喀橄欖聊八掛. 一整天的喔!
It said it’s a 3 stars hotel on website, but actually 2 stars
(you can see they took one star off on their front date from the picture.)
I believe this is a family hotel, the building is very deep and big, looks like some big families’s house before.
Another reason to support my point is that we always saw 2 women sat in lobby, eating and chatting all day long.

我們很快的在櫃檯check in, 然後拉著行李上了2樓的房間.
為了省錢, 我們訂的是雅房+私有衛浴. 不是套房唷, 浴室是在房間外面.
不過跟很多的雅房一樣, 裡面還是會配一個小的洗手臺.
So, we checked in in the lobby, then pulled out luggage to our room on 2nd floor.
We booked a room without restroom, plus a private restroom outside.
If we book room in this way, it only cost us 18 euro per night.
For your convenience, they will still have a wash-basin inside the room.

The room is pretty small. (Damn, I use to American size now!)

So, most of time, you will prefer to stay outside. There is a very nice living room on 2nd floor.

馬桶上的蓋子還是木頭的, 很乾淨. 只是用起來不是很方便(尤其是洗澡).
Then, move to our private restroom.
It’s very clean even it’s old. but not very convenient when you take a shower.

飯店給的備品很簡單, 所以自己還是自備一下比較好.
They provide some very sample shower gear, maybe you should prepare your own one.

這間飯店還挺乾淨的. 我們這樣一晚才18歐. 想要住好一點的話就還是建議住套房
不過需要網路的人可能自己帶一下無線AP比較好. 這次去就發現他們的無線AP早就壞了.
I’d said this hotel is pretty clean, and cheap.
If you prefer better living style, maybe you should choose a room with restroom inside.
BTW, you might wanna bring your only WIFI AP, their AP was dead for a while.

Hotel Azzi
ADD : Via Faenza n° 56/88r – 50123 Florence

Google Map上的位置不完全對, 要稍微在往Trattoria Da Guido的方向走一點才是喔!
The location on Google Map is not 100% correct,
You will have to go a little bit farther (near Trattoria Da Guido).



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