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Venezia – Gondola初體驗

Posted by on 2012 年 10 月 15 日

來到威尼斯, 不能不搭的就是Gondola啦! 只是雖說是初體驗, 大概也不想再搭一次就是..
Since we’re in Venice, we must have a Gondola trip. Though you might not want the 2nd trip..

Gondola有很多不同的搭船點. 有時也會有在景點單獨一艘在那邊拉客的.
畢竟在威尼斯, 在水上巴士出現以前, Gondola就是唯一的交通工具.
Where can you find Gondola dock? Actually, it’s pretty much every where.
Gondola is a very common transportation in modern times.
Now, it become a tourists things, you will see it everywhere in Venice.

San Marco廣場附近的船點很多. 不過靠外邊的點我不喜歡. 因為主要幹道上很多大船.
There are many docks near San Marco square, but I’ll avoid the one near main route.
Because there are too many different boats in main route.

剛好我們住的飯店對面就剛好是一個Gondola的搭船點. 是在內部的水道上. 於是我們就決定在這邊搭啦!
Lucky, there is one Gondola dock right next to our hotel, and it’s located in inside.
So, we decided to take our Gondola trip from there.

人多的時候, 可能會需要排一下隊. 基本上也在隊伍中找人湊一條船.
基本上, 一艘船可以搭最多6個人. 然後採船計費, 40分鐘80歐.
雖然我們也很想享受兩個人的浪漫, 不過考慮到這樣就要80歐. 於是還是乖乖找人湊.
Usually, it’ll be a queue. you can find someone to share one Gondola there.
1 Gondola can take max 6 people, 40mins, 80 euro.
Compare romantic and 80 euro, we decided to share the Gondola.

開船啦~船伕是個帥哥喔! 可惜一路上他都沒有唱歌給我們聽..
倒是另外有一船的船伕有一時興起唱了幾句, 超有fu啊..
Finally, we found other 4 people willing to share.
We got on the boat, boatman is pretty dashing boy, but he didn’t sing..
Sometime, the another boatman sung few mins, the feeling is very good.

途中的景色相當美麗, 這也只有搭才看的到!
View is very nice, you’ll only see that from Gondola.

Many house have there own dock..

Some shops decorate the dock as their window.

繞啊繞的, 最後是從舊橋那邊出來
In the end, we exited to main route from Ponte Vecchio.

然後走主幹到最後回到聖馬可廣場後面的起點. 這樣剛好是40分鐘.
費用也是在下船時給, 他們會在碼頭上放一個桶子.
我們後來還有看到一個應該是高檔旅行團的. 每個人除了有發一杯酒之外, 還有專人在船上演奏喔!相信是所費不貲啊..
We returned to San Marco via the main route.
Pay the Gondola when you leave the boat. They’ll put a can on dock, just drop the money inside.

After this, we saw a high end tourists group — everyone have a glass of wine, also a live band with them.
I believe that must be a very expensive group..

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