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Castel Sant’Angelo (聖天使城堡)

Posted by on 2012 年 10 月 31 日

本周不能在偷懶了. 來寫一下另一個重要景點 – Castel Sant’Angelo (聖天使城堡)
OK, next important scenic spots in Roma – Castel Sant’Angelo

介紹與歷史的部份請一樣請去看Wiki. 官網只有義大利文, 難度比WIKI高一點就是了.
一早搭地鐵到了LEPANTO站, 走差不多5分多鐘就到了. 只是從後面過去還是挺怪的.
因為入口是面對市區的. _從聖天使橋的方向看過去感覺比較正確. 都這樣講了當然得去從前面拍一下照
Ponte Sant’ Angelo (聖天使橋) [WIKI]
聖天使橋 – 西元134年由羅馬皇帝哈德良所建. 而原本的聖天使堡則是他的陵墓.
For history, please visit wiki. BTW, the official website is all Italiano, kind of hard to read to me.
In the morning, we arrived LEPANTO metro station, from station to the Castel is about 5 mins walk distance.
It’s kind of not right if approach from the back. the entrance is facing the city. and Ponte Sant’ Angelo in between.

入口就在橋正前方. 買票的地方是在入了城堡後. 沿著圍起來的路線走就是了.
After the entrance, you will see the ticket windows on the left, or just follow the line.

如果有買Roma Pass可以考慮在這邊選打折或是折抵一次.
If you have a Roma Pass, you can choose 1 free visit or a 80% discount.

參觀的路線是先往下走到底, 然後繞圈圈往上走到頂.
The visit route is you go down to the bottom of castle, then circuit up to the roof.

Here is the detail about the visit route. You can find this sign everywhere.

往上走的走道, 其實感覺挺陰森的. 以前點火把應該更可怕吧.
This is the tunnel to the roof, you can feel that’s pretty gruesome. Can’t image if it’s torch instead of light.

This is the room for urns..

走到城堡上面後, 就會看到一個中心有個小廣場, 這邊也有幾個房間在展示畫作跟相關的物品.當然這邊就可以看到很多天使雕像了.
Up to the top, there is a small square. you can see some angel sculptures here.
Start from here, you can go around battlements or follow the visit the room where they demo some exhibitions.

裡面的展間很大, 依著建議的路線走(當然裡面是不可以拍照的), 最後就會從城堡頂走出來, 這邊可以眺望整個羅馬. 這邊就在塔頂天使的腳下了.
I’d said you should visit the room where they demo some exhibitions. (no photo inside please)
Because this route will bring you to the roof in the end. You can overlook entire roma from the roof.

屋頂風景, 最重要的當然就是連接梵蒂岡與城堡間專門給教宗保命的車道了.
So, what’s the most interesting thing here? of course the security tunnel between Vaticanae and Castle!

教宗的逃保命通道(城堡端), 每當有戰事或教宗有危難時, 就可以從這條路線安全的抵達城堡.
城堡端的出口是在主堡外面的另一個建築. 比較容易忽略掉.
This is the security tunnel for the Pope. When there is a war, the Pope can go to the castle via this tunnel.
But the end of this tunnel in Castle side is not connected with main Castle, so some tourist will ignore it.

外牆經過多次改良, 也變成了這個有點怪怪的樣子.
The bailey has been improved many times, so looks very interesting..

主城堡跟城牆中間有一些空間, 設計的其實還挺不錯的. 不過這下面有幾個坑是關人的地方就是了
There is some space between bailey and main castle. Looks nice but actually that’s a jail in the pass.

逛累了嗎? 在小廣場附近的外牆處有一間咖啡廳, 不過當天實在太冷我們就沒坐在外面了.
Tired? there is a coffee shop near the small square.
You can have a coffee there, but that day was too cold so we just stayed inside.

行程的建議是可以跟梵蒂岡排在一起, 比如說早上去參加梵蒂岡博物館導覽然後剩下的下午時間來這邊.
I’d suggest that you should schedule this scenic spots with Vaticanae.
Such as join the Musei Vaticani group in the morning, then rest of time you can visit here.

Castel Sant’Angelo (聖天使城堡)
Official Website [link]


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