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Florence – Uffizi Gallery『烏菲茲美術館 』

Posted by on 2012 年 9 月 1 日

雖然在旺季排這個博物館很花時間, 但是我還是衷心的建議一定要來.
I believe 『Uffizi Gallery』 is the most important place to visit in Florence
I know it’ll take lot of time to wait in the queue. but it is truly worth your time!

歷史的部份就不多說, 請自己去看Wiki或是官網的說明.
因為裡面不能拍照, 所以這篇主要是跟大家介紹一下參觀的資料嚕.
旺季的話請務必要預約, 雖然就算預約可能也要排一兩個小時. 不過我這次12月底(旅遊淡季)去是沒啥人的.
其次, 就是一定要租中文的導覽機. 不然走馬看花就不用來了.

About the history part, please go their official website or WIKI page for the story.
And it’s not allow to take photo inside the museum, so I’ll just introduce how to visit this museum.
1st, please do reservation in peak season. You might still have to wait 1~2 hours even you make a reservation.
2nd, please either join the guide tour or rent a audio guide machines.
3rd, please arrange at least 4 hours here. (I’d said 6 hours probably the best)

先來說一下預約吧, 當然你可以選擇打電話. 或是上網訂票[LINK] / 定團體導覽[LINK]
如果想要排現場就要靠運氣了, 我們是淡季加上是有提前幾天打電話去確認過不用預約才敢當天直接去買票的.

So, talk about the reservation, you can make a phone call or book your ticket [LINK] / Group Tour [LINK] online
If you want test lucky or not, you can try to buy ticket here.
We didn’t book online because 1. low season, 2.we confirmed that we don’t have to do a reservation by phone.
Even that, we still got confused when we arrive.

這邊一夠有三個門, 分別有不同用途
第一個門 : 是有預約的人的入口
第二個門 : 是現場買票的入口
第一個門 : 是給有預約的人拿票的地方.
所以, 如果沒有預約的人, 來了直接去2號門排隊就是了.
有預約的人應該是先去三號門拿票, 然後再從一號門進場.

There are 3 doors, and they have different purpose.
Door 1 : this is the reservation entrance
Door 2 : this is main entrance.
Door 3 : reservation ticket office and information.
If you didn’t make a reservation, you go door 2 directly.
If you did a reservation, I think you should go door 3 to get your ticket then get in from door 1.

進門時會有簡單的搜身, 過了後就是買票
When you go inside, they’ll do a light body scan. Then you’ll see the ticket window.

After ticket window, you’ll see this audio guide machines counter.

看到沒! 有中文, 真的是糾肝心ㄟ. 兩個人可以合租一台才8歐喔!
THEY HAVE CHINESE!!!!! So happy!!!!

整個參觀的動線是先上到3樓, 然後再一路逛下來
The route is go up to 2nd floor, then all the way down to ground floor.

Most of demo room are on 2nd floor.

最著名的作品就是『The Birth of Venus』 by Sandro Botticelli就是在這邊展出的喔!
You’ll see the famous paint – 『The Birth of Venus』here.

Open space on 1st floor.

Shop / office area on ground floor.

我們這次去的時間博物館還沒有擴建完成, 所以許多的展示品都沒有看到. 相當的可惜啊!
Because the museum still under construction when we visit in 2011, some exhibit were not list.

從這邊開始就不能拍照了, 希望大家都能享受這個博物館!
OK, stat from here, I can’t take any photo.
I hope you’ll enjoy this museum lo!

Official Website :

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