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Florence – Central Market 與牛肚包

Posted by on 2012 年 9 月 25 日

而其中的牛肚包(Panini Lampredotto)有人說是不吃不可的美食啊!
The Central market in Florence is other good place to visit if you have extra time.
Also, you’ll find the famous “Panini Lampredotto” inside the market.

中央市場是被一堆攤販給包圍著, 離百花大教堂不遠. 很適合休息時過來吃點東西買買紀念品.
既然說是市場了, 賣的自己不外乎肉啊菜的.
Central market is located about 5 mins away from “Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower”
It surround by lots of stands, and it also a place to buy food or souvenirs.
Since it’s a market. of course there are some shop for meat and vegetables.

比較有趣的是賣佐料跟紀念品的, 這邊可以買到小瓶的托斯卡尼草包酒+餅干的組合. 很適合當紀念品送!
(我回來才發現我沒照到啊~~~ 請自己google “托斯卡尼草包酒(Chianti)”的圖好了)
The most interesting store will be souvenir store, you can find some good souvenirs here.
(I just found out that I didn’t take a picture on those souvenirs. please google “Chianti”)

在這邊的店有各式各樣的醋跟橄欖油可以挑. 保證可以挑到喜歡的口味喔!
You will also find many different vinegar there. (also olive oil)
If you love the oil vinegar sauce, you could find some sauce here and make your own one.

怎說哩? 就是完全沒有做功課的我們誤打誤撞的來到了這間老店 – NERBONE
As long as there is a market, must be a food stand with it.
Usually, the stand in market will be the best!
Why I said that? because we lucky met this shop – Nerbone.

嗯..賣啥呢? 很抱歉我完全不知道..只知道這樣的人潮看起來應該很有名.
So..what’s inside? Sorry, I have no ideas, just know it must be famous because of the queue.

反正不管三七二十一排就對了, 排了幾分鐘後就排到了. 本來還高興一下.
雖然看起來就很好吃..但這一排可不得了, 短短的一條看起來不可怕, 但是旁邊一堆插隊的義大利人可不是開完笑的.
Anyway, I was hungry. I needed something to eat.
It wasn’t that bad in the beginning, only 5~10 mins in queue.
Because the stand owner gave the person ahead me entire set.
So I just followed that guys, ordered the same stuff.
But, I didn’t get my “Panini Lampredotto” from the owner.
Actually, he asked me to be in another queue again!

加上跟本沒有秩序的排隊. 所以我拿到我的牛肚包時已經半小時過去了..
Thing became a little bit not that nice now.
Because they do 3 Italians then 1 torturous. (even they were not in the queue.)
When I finally got my “Panini Lampredotto”, 30 mins pass already!

They were cold when I finally have my “Panini Lampredotto”, I couldn’t say if they taste good or not..

只是說到牛肚包, 後來我們發現在市場的外面也有一攤.
Talked about “Panini Lampredotto”, we found another stand outside of Central market in another day.

這攤還寫上各國的語言, 這時我們才知道我們吃的是叫牛肚包(Panini Lampredotto), 然後很有名..
雖然已經吃過了, 但我們決定再來一顆比較看看
We didn’t know this is the famous “Panini Lampredotto” until we saw this stand (with translate on it).
So, we decided to have another one again…

結論是兩間味道不同, 都還不錯吃(廢話). 但排隊時間可是差很多.
The result was – they tasted different, but both of them are tasty.
We didn’t find another one near the pig spring anyway. (Well, I don’t even see that spring..)
Just FYI lo.



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